Our Findings

The 2018 ACREO report is now available.  

ACREO Highlights


When compared to their non-LLP peers, LLP students reported higher rates of campus belonging. Furthermore, non-LLP students also indicated lower rates of campus civic engagement than individuals in living learning programs.

Students in Academic LLPs reported significantly higher career attitudes (Career Self-Efficacy and Perception of College’s Role in Career) than students in either General LLPs and Theme LLPs. 


Collegians in LLPs participated in binge-drinking less often than students not in LLPs. Additionally, LLP students were also more likely to intervene in a bystander situation involving students leaving a party than those individuals not in LLPs. 

Self-efficacy within the major was significantly lower for students in Academic LLPs than those in Theme LLPs. 

Theme LLP students self-reported significantly higher scores in critical thinking disposition than their peers in Academic LLPs. In addition, individuals in Theme LLPs also indicated higher levels of campus civic engagement than those in General LLPs.

Collegians in Theme LLPs were more significantly likely to intervene in Bystander Situations involving individuals leaving a party compared to their peers in General and Academic LLPs.


SILLP focused on the experiences and outcomes related to participation in living learning programs.  As ACREO, our new focus is on assessing all types of residential environments, including off-campus housing arrangements. ACREO can help you obtain valuable data on how different residential environments affect your students’ experiences. 


Interested in previous findings? Download the 2017, 2016, and 2015 reports here.